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It's nearly impossible to find a
better team in the network
marketing industry!

Do you know what the number one thing is when it comes to choosing the right network marketing company? Most people think they know and 99% of the
time, theyʼre wrong.

Sure, things like timing in the market, innovative products, and compensation plans are integral to success, but the number one force that makes a network marketing company successful is the company leadership.

Fortunately, with Agel, the ownership and MLM corporate leaders are as strong as they come.

Jeff Higginson - Co-CEO
From the very beginning, Jeff Higginson has been a part of Agel's Mission, and Agel's dream. As Co-CEO and Director of Marketing and Sales, Jeff brings a rich background of leadership skills and knowledge of our business and how to build it.
Every promotion, sales event and convention has had Jeff's oversight, and signature "feel" behind them. It is a special feeling for people, and an innate belief that everyone can succeed, that has helped him become the architect of Agel's welcoming culture. His connection with leaders in the field, has cemented his reputation as a caring and understanding person, as well as a wise and welcome tutor. It tells you a great deal about someone when some of their highest values are honesty and loyalty.
When he is not creating a new promotion or the next leadership destination, he is on the phone with Diamonds throughout the world. He loves people and thrives on building relationships.
Outside the business Jeff is serving in his church, spending time with his wife Abbie on weekly dates, or coaching his two sons and two daughters in athletics.
Jeff loves what life has to offer, and has mastered the delicate mix of courage and compassion.
He believes in Agel's mission, it's inherent goodness, and he believes in you.
Jeremiah Bradley - Co-CEO
Jeremiah Bradley started with Agel Enterprises from the beginning after finishing his college degree in International Studies at Brigham Young University. He brings a unique skill set to his position as co-CEO alongside Jeff Higginson. During his time at Agel, Jeremiah has shown a sharp aptitude for good business dealings that goes beyond his years of formal experience. Jeremiah has managed Agel’s entire customer service department, Agel’s diamond team member relations department, and directed Agel affairs in just about every international market at one time or another.
Away from work, Jeremiah remains grounded spending as much time as possible with his wife Erin, and their three children; Afton, Hudson, and Wyatt. He loves outdoor activities. For Jeremiah the perfect day begins and ends horseback riding along the Wasatch Front near Salt Lake City with his family and friends. Never afraid of work, Jeremiah has a great sense of humor, enjoys soccer and golf, and has a quiet sense of confidence that reassures everyone that Agel is in good hands.
Through the careful tutelage of inspired leaders and years of industry research, Jeremiah is prepared to take Agel and its innovative gel technology to the stratosphere of direct marketing by combining his own unique blend of wisdom and vision with good old-fashioned horse sense and hard work.
Craig Bradley - President of Agel Enterprises & Managaing Director of Agel Cares Foundation
Craig Bradley was present for the genesis of Agel. A 20-year veteran of the network marketing industry, Craig knew Agel would be something special. Older than most of the others on the executive team, there are few business situations he hasn’t witnessed during his tenure in the industry. Craig has worked with more than 30 network marketing companies, including some of the largest and co-founded Drive Marketing and ViaVenté. He spends much of his time in the field for Agel. Craig is the father of seven children and has 19 grandchildren. Along with being a great father, Craig is an avid cyclist, Harley Davidson rider, friend, and a man who takes every ounce of life and lives it with complete passion.
Veteran Marketers Such As David and
Ann Feinstein
Ann and David are both achievers in life – by nature – having brilliant successful corporate and entrepreneurial careers before venturing into network marketing. Today they are Double Diamond Directors and Ann sits on Agelʼs Leadership Advisory Board. This couple is living, breathing proof of what you can expect in MLM marketing with some hard work and a lot of motivation!.

Rarely has so young a company been able to assemble the right combination of talent and skills to successfully launch in over 50 countries. As Agel grows, successful veteran network marketers are coming out of the woodwork to get on board with the greatest new multi-level marketing company born to the industry.

Now it's YOUR turn.

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