Top Reasons You’re Not Seeing Success in Network Marketing

Success in Network Marketing can seem so hard to grasp to both new distributors as well as those who have been spinning their wheels for years and years. It can be frustrating, and unfortunately way too many people up and quit before they ever even get close to the success that’s possible in their lives.

When you have a downline in the tens of thousands, you get to see it all. You get to see the people who succeed dramatically, making thousands of dollars a month right out of the gate…as well as those that struggle for months and years without seeing any success.

If you’re one of those struggling, then you’re certainly not alone, but I’m betting that there are a few very crucial reasons you’re not seeing success.

I have to admit, it can get frustrating constantly witnessing this go on in the industry… especially when I see on the flip-side how others succeed so dramatically from just doing a couple of things differently.

So with that in mind, I want to give you what I (a network marketing professional for the past 20 years) see as:

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The Top Reasons You’re Not Seeing Success in Network Marketing…

First of all you probably didn’t realize, or never came to grips with the fact that Network Marketing is Actually a Businessand not simply an “easy” way to make money from home.

This very likely may not be your fault, but rather the fault of your upline sponsor. It will do you a ton of good to avoid problems in your own business by not presenting your opportunity this way, even though it’s often the easier way to recruit people. But basically you’re swindling when you do.

We don’t need more swindlers in this industry.

The truth is that it takes commitment, work, effort, and TIME to succeed in this business. Basically, if your plan is to commit to 5 to 12 hours a week to your business – which is fine if that’s the time you have available – but the reality is that this is going to generate a small business income. Hey, that’s just the reality based upon committed time.

It’s most likely NOT going to get you to become a Diamond Director in your business opportunity …and anyone who tells you differently is just trying very hard to sell you their opportunity.

It’s just not going to happen like that; you need more people in the mix, more hours committed, and a serious commitment.

Basically, with the right amount of commitment and fortitude it will take about 1 year to actually become profitable in MLM…and that’s the TRUTH!

Second, You Haven’t Learned to Handle Rejection… Rejection isn’t easy for most people. It takes a bit of leather skin to be able to take it time after time after time, but the fact is that MOST people won’t want to join your opportunity or use your products.

But, if you talk to enough people, enough WILL want to join your opportunity to give you a profitable business. More so, if you talk to enough of the right people, enough of the right people will join your business to very possibly have you seeing MASSIVE results within that year.

You have to have the “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next” attitude and not take any rejection personally.

What you should do however is try to make each presentation or conversation as good as it can be so that your odds improve with each one. But, you must always be prepared to walk away without making the sale, and be ok with it. And remember that sometimes you have to create “relationships and trust” before you can get a sale!

Okay, in order to save you some eyeball strength, I will continue this post as Part 2 very soon.

Keep an eye out for it, and please comment below about what you’ve just read.

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