How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your MLM Compensation Plan

Most people I know rarely go into their LinkedIn accounts. When I ask why they even have profiles there if they aren’t active, I hear various reasons. While the social network is rather important in the business community, it helps to have a profile up in the event you are a free agent looking for work. LinkedIn is also good to keep in touch with former employers for references. Also, there are networking opportunities if you know where to find them, but how can it help promote your

MLM Compensation Plan?

MLM Compensation Plan
Take a look at your account. At best, you’ve filled out your job history and maybe connected to a few people. Big deal, right? If you know how to delve further into the network’s operations, though, you’ll find it’s a good (and free) resource for relaying information on your

MLM compensation plan

to people interested in a career change.

The tools at your disposal on this network can enhance your overall social marketing experience. You can upload the feed of your blog to your LinkedIn account, so visitors to your profile will easily see how you explain the basics of your

MLM compensation plan

and show them how simple it is to join and operate. You can also connect Twitter, so every time you update your status on LinkedIn it goes to Twitter.

Don’t forget, too, to join the LinkedIn groups. Thousands of people registered are willing to add you to their friend rosters, even if you haven’t worked together. While LinkedIn specifically works to connect people who are co-workers or colleagues, there are ways to work around this and link up with people around the world. Look for groups that cater to “open networkers,” or people who will gladly add you. LION (LinkedIn Open Network) is one acronym used that will help you find people to whom you can promote your

MLM compensation plan.

When it comes to avenues for selling people on your

MLM compensation plan,

social media offers the most inexpensive and effective options. LinkedIn in one place where you should definitely link in!