Network Marketing – Do You Need to Change Your Friends…Or at Least Add Some New One’s

If you’re serious about

Network Marketing Success

,then you’re obviously serious about earning a substantial income.

Well one of the things that you may have, or not have heard is that your income is actually very relevant to the average of your close friends.
Network Marketing Success
Many people don’t believe this until they actually do some math, then they realize that it’s true. It’s pretty eye opening, and if you’re a network marketing professional who’s serious, then it might urge you to change some things…like your friends.

Can Your Friends Influence Your Network Marketing Success?

You see, one of the main reasons that your income is representative of your friends income average certainly has much to do with their mindset and the way they influence your mindset.

So what happens to your chances of network marketing success when you’re constantly hanging out with people who have a poor mindset? What happens to your mindset when you’re hanging out with people who are constantly thinking in the doom and gloom mindset and are happy with their place in life…even if that means being under government assistance 24/7?

Well, through osmosis you start to be infected with that poor mentality. You develop the mentality that you can’t get out of your current situation and become wealthy like others in our society.

On the other hand, what happens to your chances of having

network marketing success,

or any other wealth endeavor, if you’re hanging out with wealthy people?

That’s right, you begin thinking like the wealthy! You hear their conversations. You begin to think like them. You begin to see their perspective on things, which eventually also becomes your perspective. You begin to see things in a new light, and problems which for the poor seem insurmountable, actually become opportunities for you and your wealthy friends.

Do You Have to Ditch Your Friends Completely Just to Succeed in Network Marketing?

So does this mean that you have to ditch your friends and only hang out with new wealthy ones? Well I don’t think that’s necessary. But I would advise making sure that the greatest amount of your time is spent with those who think like the wealthy because frankly that’s what you eventually become. It increases your chances of success in network marketing and life in general profoundly.

Here’s another scenario that might make you feel even better about gaining some new friends. You know those people that you are hanging around with that have the poor mentality, and who just don’t understand wealth? Well those people also can gain some new ways of thinking through osmosis.

You know, these are the same people who tell you that you’re crazy, and that network marketing is a scam and it will never work, and then want to know what you’re doing once you start making money.

Same thing! Well what usually happens when you make new friends? That’s right… you begin to introduce those friends to your existing friends. Therefore, your poor mentality friends will begin to expand their thinking and mindset, and could possibly eventually come around to your way of thinking.

If they don’t, they don’t. But that’s their problem. They’ll have to live with that. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less as friends, but you can’t let them hold YOU back either.

So go out, and find some new friends. And just as a side tip, those who are already doing really well and having

network marketing success

are great people to befriend, because they’ll almost automatically want to teach YOU what they know.