How Not To Get Overwhelmed By All The Tools and MLM Training Resources Available for Network Marketers…

These days you can’t open your inbox without being hit over the head with tons and tons of new <h1>MLM training</h1> resources and tools.

If you’re like most people who are committed to doing well in this industry then you’re probably on a ton of different MLM guru lists. This means that everyday you’re being told that you’ve got to use this tool, or you MUST start that new MLM training, because it will save you tons of time.

But the truth is that you can only use so many tools and MLM training resources at any one time…

There’s really no use in having 3 different article submitters, 4 different article spinners, and 3 different directory submitters…unless of course there’s a very good reason to have them.

There’s also no reason to be getting training from 4 different MLM gurus, or subscribing to all of their different <h2>MLM training</h2> resources. You need to focus and master on 1 at a time.

The reason that you use MLM tools and resources is for saving time. What happens often is that people will get so bogged down with tools and MLM training resources that they visit each and every day that they spend more time messing around with these things, and spending time in the training resources than they do with running their business. It defeats the whole purpose.

<b>How to Choose Which MLM Training Resources and Tools to Use…</b>MLM Training

What I’m about to share with you can not only save you an enormous amount of time and money on MLM training resources and tools, but can also increase your productivity by huge amounts.

Crucial Criteria for Choosing Any Sort of Tool or MLM Training Resources…

Criteria #1: Is It a Tool or Resource That You Currently Have Use For?.

If you’re like me, you have a ton of stuff on your computer than you never ever use, just taking up space. The reason is that you got attracted by the new shiny object or latest MLM training resource, got sucked into their sales page, and bought it because a) They made you believe that NOT having would be a detriment to your business b) They put a phony bologna deadline and you felt like you were going to miss out, and c) You never evaluated your business to see if you really need that right now.

It’s important that when you buy into a product, or decide to download a new tool, that it’s something that you can use right now that will help you save time on what you are CURRENTLY doing.

For instance, if right now your focus is on article marketing, and you see a shiny new object for PPC and Google Adwords…there’s really no reason that you need to get that now.

Just the same, if you see one of the new <h3>MLM training</h3> resources from Jonathan Budd, but you’re currently following a system from Mike Dillard, then forget about Jonathan Budd this time around, and finish what you’re doing with Mike Dillard.

Believe me, when you’re finished learning from Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd will still be there, and vice versa.

What’s going to happen is that it’s going to cause you to lose your focus, and yet again jump from one system to another, which means that you’re never mastering one system.

Crucial Criteria #2… Is It Going to Save You Time?

The only reason that we need to use tools, ever, is for saving time. Basically tools are meant for leverage. If you’re a mechanic who fixes cars for a living, you know that in order to get a job done fast and done right, then you need to use the RIGHT tool for the job you’re doing. You certainly wouldn’t use a screwdriver when you need a wrench, because it’s just going to take more time and defeat the whole purpose.

Don’t buy or use tools unless you have a plan of action to put them to use so that they’ll save you time. This means adding them into a system that you can automate.

So there you have it. It’s simple and easy to get caught up in all the <h3>MLM training</h3> resources and tools that are out there, but the fact is that you don’t need them all.

You’ll see that once you restrict yourself from getting involved with any MLM training resources or tools that you don’t need right at this moment, that your business will start to be tons more productive, and your bank account will stay monumentally fuller.