Network Marketing Advice – Is Social Media Dead or Still Relevant in Network Marketing?

Network Marketing AdviceMany people online seeking out

network marketing advice

get hit with messages and content over and over again that state that one or another marketing method is dead.
For instance, you can go on almost any network marketing or internet marketing forum and see a thread that says “PPC is dead” or “SEO is dead” or “Article Marketing is dead”, etc. etc.
Lately…and inevitably so…you’re beginning to see some that actually say “social media is dead?”

Network Marketing Advice

That Answers the “Is Social Media Dead” Question

Here’s the thing… None of those “_____ is dead” statements are really ever true. Basically anyone telling you that something is dead is trying to tell you that something else is better and very likely they have a course to sell you that shows you how to use that “something else”.
When it comes to social media for network marketing, the fact is that it’s as alive, if not more alive than ever before.
The truth is that the internet is growing each and everyday. More and more people are getting online and a great deal of them flock straight to sites like Twitter, or Facebook, or any of the others. So basically the more people there are within this medium of advertising, the more alive it is.
Now certain methods within social media might die out. SPAMMING the heck out of them died almost right away. People will always abuse a good thing. That seems to be human nature. But when you, as a marketer and network marketing professional, learn to adapt strategies then you remain ahead of the curve. This keeps the medium alive, at least for you. Hopefully those spamming and using dubious marketing methods will die out (not literally of course).
How to Keep Your Social Media Methods Working…Follow

This Network Marketing Advice

Above all else, one thing is element when it comes to social media marketing.
You MUST not become an unwelcome pest at the social gathering. That’s where people make the biggest mistake, and they fail before they ever begin. We’ve all seen the people who pump out links constantly, over and over again. And it might be okay if those links were out to interesting things even now and then, but it’s always to something that they’re promoting.
Nobody goes on Facebook or Twitter to be marketed to. They go there to actually get away from the marketing. You’ve got to be subtle, you’ve got to remain an invited guest, and you’ve got to give value. The key to making people want to click any of your links is to make them always want to see what you’re going to say or share next.
That means biting the bullet and sharing things other than your own stuff. That’s what giving value is about. It takes time to get your footing but learning the skills of effective social media marketing is one of the best pieces of network marketing advice I can give you.
If your upline sponsors haven’t taught you how to use social media to it’s fullest then they’re holding back critical network marketing advice.
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