Network Marketing Training – 3 Common Mistakes Many People Make on Their Lead Generation Sites

Network Marketing trainingWith my

network marketing training,

I like to give you tips that you can use right away to grow your business.

This is a business where constant little successes make huge difference in motivation and continued success. Even little things like getting tweaking your lead and/or capture page and getting an extra lead per day can motivate you to continue toward success.

And in today’s post I want to show you just that…

Network Marketing Training

to Get More Leads

Making mistakes when it comes to lead generation is actually fine and dandy. As long as you’re taking action, everything else can be improved upon and/or fixed.

But there are common mistakes that if you avoid…starting right now as a matter of fact…you could be pulling in many more leads each and everyday. This will increase your income and your success.

So without further ado, here are…

3 Common Mistakes on Network Marketing Lead Generation Pages

Mistake #1 – Bad Headline… Okay so it’s important that you realize something right now. If you would take the majority of your time spent on network marketing training and network marketing in general, and concentrated on learning to and writing better headlines, you’d be doing more for your success than nearly anything else.

A headline can make or break your page right from the beginning.

In fact, a better headline can improve your conversion rates one-hundred, two-hundred, even five-hundred percent. Yes, they’re that important. Want to learn from the best about headlines? Then go and read and do everything that Gary Halbert tells you… click here now.

You’ll know more than 98% of those trying to market in network marketing.

Mistake #2 –No Call to Action… There’s nothing that people lack more of in marketing of every kind than the “call to action.”

Whether you like it or not, the fact and truth is that people want and need to be told what to do. They’re looking for direction, and so you must give it to them.

If you look up a couple of paragraphs, you’ll see that I wrote where you can find out how to write better headlines, and then I gave the direction “click here now”. Do you know why? Because I knew that if you wanted to find out how to write better headline, in order to get more leads, that you’d want me to tell you where to find them. I did that, by telling you “click here now”. That’s a call to action and online, a damn good one that increases conversion rates like crazy. Use it! (See, I just did it again, and you probably didn’t hate me for it. Don’t sell from your heels…tell them what to do).

Mistake #3 – Not Enough Chances to Opt-In If you only have one optin on your squeeze page/lead page, then you’re missing out on a ton of optins. I can almost bet you that if you’ll just add another one to your page you’ll increase your lead generation efforts.

If you only have one, and it’s below the fold (the area of which you can see on your screen) then you’ll surely see an improvement. Probably a very good one.

Give people more chances to optin, and you’ll get more people to optin. It’s as simple as that. Try it!

Alright so there you go. This is

network marketing training

that will deliver results for you… and if you want tons more like it then click here now!