As you start your

mlm business,

you will need to consider what type of marketing strategy that you want to run. There are several types of strategies available. We will examine mass marketing and target marketing. For the sake of the blog, we will stick to the popular names, shotgun and sniper marketing. Each of the strategies has various strengths and sometimes difficulties to implement. The type of marketing problems that each one offers is not unique anymore. There are answers and solutions but it may be wise to change strategies if one is failing you.
MLM business
After doing marketing research for your

mlm business,

you will need to decide if shotgun or sniper marketing is a suitable solution. Shotgun marketing happens when a business goes after the whole market. They tend to avoid segmenting the market into sections. They tend to use every media channel to blast out their messages. These are usually generalized messages in hopes to attract prospects to their business funnel. Some new mlm startups tend to use shotgun marketing in hopes in attracting business. The problem with this type of marketing is the generalization of content. The content not focused on solving a specific need or desire.

Now a different type of marketing that may be beneficial to your

mlm business

is sniper marketing. Target marketing focuses its efforts to a specific base of prospects. They identify their audience by setting up certain criteria. They may use geography, income status, age or even sex to help determine their audience. You will have to do some research and brainstorming to create a draft of your ideal target audience. This strategy focuses on specific problems that your product or opportunity can solve. You can adjust your content strategy accordingly to the shift in your demographical layout.

As you can see the major differences in the two marketing strategies, one may offer more flexibility but will require you to do more research. There are other options for marketing and styles to creating a viable and sustainable market for your business. You can also blend in other marketing techniques that can offset disadvantages. The primary disadvantages for shotgun marketing is the expense of the campaigns, the content needed to push your objectives may cost you. The lack of specialization will make your content and pages seem a bit withered. The major disadvantages to target marketing are the time expense in research and the specific market may not respond well to your products or opportunity.