MLM FAQs – Win or Lose with the Hammer and Anvil Marketing Strategy

In the last blog,

“Mlm FAQs

, 5 blunders to avoid in marketing,” I talked a bit on the theory and implementation of a marketing strategy and planning. Turn your attention to the side article on a theoretical marketing strategy called the Hammer and Anvil. This happens to be a military strategy that is often used to trap and capture enemy forces. It was used in ancient times with a diversionary force in the front position, with a swinging force from the flanks to the rear. The enemy force was trapped in the middle. The rear force would push hard against the trapped enemy unit and forced them into the anvil force. This same strategy can be applied to online marketing with some minor adjustments that may be effective for your business.


The Hammer and Anvil Marketing Structure
* Content/Value
* Traffic
* Informational Feed
* Conversion

Now we can get down to details for the hammer and anvil strategy. If you have any additional

mlm faqs,

feel free to contact me with them. The SEO aspect and content value will spearhead your strategy, but only with a clear objective in mind. Your keywords will lure visitors into your content, so it is vital that your content resonates strongly with the visitors. The value of the content will determine if your prospects continue onward to learn more about your business. The leading bit of content should funnel prospects into a stream of traffic that more content that is specific can turn into an information feed. This information feed should hit them hard with value and push them towards converting into members or some other lead.

The traffic stream may vary, so creating a strong

mlm faqs

section should guide them towards your objective. You will get a mixture of traffic from your seo work and content value, so making your objectives clear will mean the difference between success and failure. The informational feed should tie into from the leading content that you have pushed into the search engines and other channels. The hardest aspect is getting a decent conversion rate, so your feed must guide your prospects delicately down the path to a sale or what not.

The conversion objectives for your particular business will vary. As we continue this

mlm faqs

quest, your closing content should be offering a stronger call to action and promotional information for your serious prospects. You may want to use more than one tactic to help boost your conversion rate, such as videos and Power Points as an example. The Hammer and Anvil strategy is only an example and may require additional steps or refinement for actual implementation.