Mlm resources are awesome tools that every networker should be using constantly. However, this does not mean that all resources are good. There are horrible ones that can destroy a business. The only way that you will ever come across this type of item is developing content for yourself and marketing. Do not talk about yourself in the resources, except in the call to actions. Prospects are limited on time and energy to focus on “I’m blah, blah, blah.” Focus on them and their pains. There are two ways to ways to design an Mlm resources page for now. These two styles are common across the internet and not just limited to the Mlm industry. Read on champion and decide which one is best for you.

mlm resources

Stacked Mlm resources on one page

The first option up is the stacked Mlm resources on a single page. This page offers a convenient layout style that groups all of your resources together. It takes a real organized hand to keep it together, so visitors can find what they need quickly. The best trick is to section the page out and label each area with a heading. Some resources may offsite hosting in order to keep your page speed up. Some examples include videos, presentations and other data heavy items. You can embed the viewer onto the page itself. This type does offer consequential elements as well as the benefits.

A stacked Mlm resources page may cause page speed loss, confusion, or high bounce rates. These are some problems to consider, while it’s easy to develop one page to host it all. It may not be the wisest choice in the box. If you run different types of resources, a separate page may offer extreme benefits than a stacked page. A stack page is designed to reduce time in development and cash flow. The page can hold specific content, but you may face long hours of updating it every month or so. Mlm resources become outdated or useless quickly if you cannot build trust with the audience. But, as you continue to read on, the owned pages may offer a different glimpse of hope.

Individual Mlm resources on owned pages

The second option “owned pages,” could be the ultimate solution for those who have enough content to reach a specific problem that a prospect has. Owned pages are developed for specific topics and the mlm resources are embedded onto the page itself. This allows prospects to head straight over to the page on a specific topic and view all of the available resources. Each page designed must have a follow up call to action on it. If you leave the page without the next step, you have wasted time and energy for nothing. Always try to get the prospect to take action.

mlm resources