Sometimes in life you will come under fire from many sources. In the Mlm world, it’s not any different. Your mlm leadership under fire moments may be quick and painless or feel like a full on firefight. Two major reasons that you may experience some incoming problems, one the pressure from leads or lack of and two the backlog of work that you need to do. If you’ve been sick in bed for a day at least, then you know you have a lot to do in short amount of time. Not just the backlog but you also have today’s work to get done as well. This alone causes a ton of pressure and stress on the old mind.

mlm leadership

MLM Leadership Under Fire from pressure Points

Leadership under fire for any business is never pretty. Your pressure points will be the first ones attacked. Especially if your growing your email list and trying to close some deals. The stress on closing prospects is extremely high, so keeping your head is vital. If you’re doing it over email, you can walk away between responses and chill out. If you’re on Skype or a phone, it’s not so easy to step away for a moment. But you can muffle the phone and shout in a pillow, if need be. One of the easiest ways is to grab a quick escape is to grab a cool beverage and sip on it between listening and talking. During this attempt, think about your response and listen careful to the prospect.

Don’t agitate the fire by providing bad information, take a moment to look it up or call them back in a few and get your answers for them. Your mlm leadership under fire moment can burn hotter or die down, in the time that you asked to do some research. Calm down and focus, find the information, send quick messages to waiting prospects or whatever you need to do to soothe the hot zones. Prospects will apply pressure if they feel you’re not being honest and open with them. You may have to let one “get away” for your benefit. Some are tough to handle and will cause problems. Knowing your limits is important, you can’t run a script with them. Many people are not good going “natural,” with their business. Keep contacts a foot away can give you time to adjust to their questions and advances. These techniques create a backlog for you, but time is not a friend. So be careful and work diligently with your time and focus on one brush fire at a time.

mlm leadership