Hopefully, you will never ever have to compromise your core mlm leadership values. Many times, a good leader throws away their values for something trivial. Whatever their reason was or is, it doesn’t matter at this point. There will come a time, when you feel the pressure of caving in your business. You may want to give in and push a prospect to far or you may settle for third rate success. A kind gift is not always a moral gift, so watch out for kickbacks. You are the only one that stands up and either is moral or is not. If you are honest and have a set of standardized values in place and stick by it. The pressure may be even more extreme to get you to crack than it would be for one that has less of a moral stance.

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Don’t shatter your MLM leadership values

Do you value honesty, hard work, trust, open communication, a fair deal or something else? Whatever your values are, you should not break them for success or anything else. All you have is your mlm leadership values and your word. Even if it seems honest, be careful and work for things that you want. So many leaders fell over the worse things in the world and they have never recovered. They have ended up in jail for bad stuff. However, you can avoid this by following your values to the letter and report anything that seems off to your sponsor. It can be tempting to fall for the glitter of an offer, but is the short term gain worth your freedom and reputation. These are extreme cases after all, but even spiffing from your savings for a need that can wait is not worth it.

Fixing Broken MLM Leadership Values

If you do break your “golden rules” without shattering the law. They can be fixed without feeling guilty. You will have to find out why you broke your own mlm leadership values. Examine the reward, the cause, the why and the outcome. Gather the evidence and lay it out before you and don’t beat yourself up over it. If it’s just simple as eating an extra yogurt instead of working, it’s not worth the whip. If it’s something bigger like pushing your prospects harder than they need, then there is a problem. If you break the law, you will be caught. This is the only warning, so if you do something that goes against your values. Be careful to do it on the side of the fence that doesn’t send you to jail.

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