Conflict Overview for New MLM Leaders

Conflict happens for various reasons…

Conflict arises when there is a lack of communication, lack of problem solving skills, disagreement, stubbornness and many other issues. As an mlm leader you will face conflict in its forms and from every angle possible, from home life to closing a deal with a prospect. It’s not easy handling conflict, you don’t have to feel alone. Millions of people hate conflict and avoid it whenever possible. However, as a leader you do not have that luxury. You have to face it, deal with it and move past it. Conflict doesn’t have to be violent, it can take form in small voices or in email form. However, its presented, keep a cool mind and don’t respond in a negative way.

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What to do if your too new at conflict management?

If you’re a brand new mlm leader with the fresh shiny medal and no field experience, then you will have a problem. Good luck, hope you don’t mess it up. Just kidding, its best to talk to your sponsor about the situation before responding to the complaints from the party. They may get annoyed, but it’s OK to tell them to wait for a moment. Remember your sponsor will be offering their opinion, it doesn’t mean it will work in your situation. It should help you create a resolution that satisfies both parties. If it doesn’t satisfy both, but it helps one. You can work with the other person in private to explain the solution and why it’s the best one.


How to handle an ongoing conflict between teammates?

If your team is experiencing a fallout between two members, you will need to step in and intervene. Your job is to keep the network moving forward. You will have to investigate the incidents and decide what the proper solution is. It will be different for everyone, so there are no practical examples to provide. After all you’re an mlm leader now, and you don’t need them anymore. You will have to use personal experience and judgment to correct, discipline the misbehaving teammates. One or both may be right in a certain case, so be careful and show zero favoritism, even if one is your cool spouse. You may need to reschedule them for different webinars for the time being in order for things to cool down. If the incident is worse than a few verbal disagreements, you may need to seek your sponsors advice on to handle it.

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