Network Marketing Tools – The One Tool Every Successful Network Marketer MUST Have These Days

Everyone these days is looking for the secret magic network marketing tools that will make you instantly rich overnight.

network marketing tools

What they don’t realize is that one of the greatest tools that the world has come to know when it comes to network marketing or any online business is not really all that secret at all.


And it’s responsible for more money generation online than probably anything else. What is it?


One of the Only “You’ve Got to Have It” Network Marketing Tools There Are

So, it’s pretty simple actually.

The tool that you most definitely MUST have is a SQUEEZE PAGE. Some people call it a landing page, optin-page, etc.

Basically, any page that will let prospects leave you their info such as name, email address, and/or telephone number! You don’t want to be without this tool for a variety of reasons.

First of all, why is the internet squeeze page so great? What’s so special about it, it’s just a page with a form after all.

Well yes, it is. But guess what… it wasn’t that long ago when that lead that you can now get for absolutely zero cost, or just a small investment even on the smallest budget…it wasn’t long ago when that would cost you tons of money. Tons!

Here’s how it used to go…

In order to get a lead, or prospects info, you had to send out a regular snail mail mailing. That means that you used to have to pay for a variety of things just to get one mailing out. You had to pay for postage, paper, envelopes, printing costs, and if you wanted the thing to convert AT ALL, you had to pay for a copy writer (you probably still want to do that), fulfillment center, etc.

Ok so even sending a small test of 5000 mailings (that’s tiny), just to maybe get a conservative 2% response rate of 100 prospects, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that was before you fulfilled the order.  So, let’s say you paid a modest $10,000 for the mailing (not likely). That means you paid $100 of each of those new prospects on your list. To get your money’s worth, you better be a great closer don’t you think?

But these days, you can get 100 prospects or leads for ten dollars if you know what you’re doing. And that includes the cost of hosting, and your auto-responder.

Squeeze pages are one of the greatest network marketing tools in the world because they have leveled the playing field, and made lead generation amazingly simple and cheap for everyone. You just have to learn a few skills to make this…one of the best network marketing tools…work and convert and be well worth your effort.

But now here’s the question… why haven’t you heard it explained like this when it comes to these types of network marketing tools?

If you’ve got upline sponsors that aren’t giving you this sort of training, along with a step-by-step action plan, then you’ve got an upline who isn’t really very worried about your success, and they’re keeping vital info from you. Then again, they may not even know themselves.

network marketing tools