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How to be a social hero for your home-based business

Do you run a home-based business? Do you often struggle with social media? do you want to gain followers and likes and shares without out having to pay a lot of money? You can rock social media my developing your own tone and style. social media does not have to be hard but you can improve your chances to be successful by taking a basic course on it. This article is designed to give some basic in advance tips for social media content only. if you already have the basic know how to run your social media maybe it’s time to take a look at your content and your publishing schedule.

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Rocking your home-based business social media with powerful content


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Social media sites Facebook and Twitter are playgrounds for home-based business giants such as yourself. If you cannot see the value of social media right now, you may want to read up on a few about social media. you can rock your business if you plan your social campaigns correctly. You do this by understanding what your audience is looking for and in what content format. Some people prefer videos, graphics, text, or even links back to longer forms.

Your home-based business can operate with more flexibility by understanding the key pain points of your audience through the use of your content. For example, if prospect A is needing help with financial management you could do a graphic image with some text on it relating to that area. Don’t forget to include a URL that links back to your site. You could also share a blog post that talked about the stresses of Financial management.

Mix it up with your social media


In your home-based business marketing campaign, you know you need to mix content then order to receive best results. This also works for social media, mix it up with videos links, article links, and other content. Don’t forget to promote your offers as a well as individual website URLs. always track the progress of your social media posting as well as your publishing schedule. You may need to publish more often depending on the data you receive. other times you may need to reduce the amount you publish and increase the amount out you share.

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What Home-Based Business Can I Start – What You Need to Know Before Joining a Home Business!

Have you been scratching your head wondering what home business should I start?

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I’ll tell you one thing, you have to be careful where you ask that question. You’ll be barraged by people trying to get you to join their business, or you’ll simply get terrible advice from people who don’t have clue about business.

So hopefully this article will shed some light on how you should make the decision.

Ways to Answer the Question What Home-Based Business Can I Start

One thing that you have to be abundantly clear about is that this is a decision that you MUST make yourself, based on your own wants, desires, personality, strengths, and interests, goals, ambitions, and probably a million other things.

Bottom line it’s a personal decision that only YOU can truly answer. It would be like asking someone “who should I marry?”  You’ll get a ton of different answers and advice but are you really going to marry someone because of what someone else told you?  Not a chance.

But you would agree that there are some pretty universal character traits that you’d want to see in a potential spouse, right?

Well the same goes with the question of what home-based business can I start. There are certain characteristics that you should look for in a home business. When these characteristics aren’t there, then more people fail. But when they ARE there then it seems like the stars have lined up, and people begin to see huge success pretty quickly.

Characteristics of a Business Opportunity to Join

First of all the product and/or opportunity should be in a viable market. This means that whatever it is that you’re selling, or if it’s a multi level business opportunity, it should be something that has a good audience.

Marketability is huge factor because if you don’t have an audience, your business is going to perish pretty darn quickly. It’s like trying to sell ice in Alaska…not all that great of a market there.  But if you’re selling that same ice…as water in the desert, then you’ve got a pretty darn good chance of making some good money.

This means that you need an opportunity that meets a lot of people’s wants and desires. Looking good, feeling good, making money, all these are good places to start.

Second, the compensation must be worth your time! Why work for pennies when that same effort can go toward big money?

I so often see people asking what home-based business can I start, and the opportunities they’re looking are going to pay them peanuts. They don’t understand that it takes time and effort, and if they’re really serious money to market their business. So make sure that you’re going to get paid fairly for the work that you’re doing.

In network marketing the compensation plans are usually very confusing, and often people don’t find out until it’s too late that they’re working for peanuts.

However, many network marketing opportunity compensation plans, such as the XYZ opportunity are very generous, and even pay fast cash bonuses so you’re in profit right away. Some also pay for vacations, and even your car payment.

Third, you MUST have training from someone who has experience, and who is successful!  Here’s the thing. Why struggle when you can learn from someone who’s presently doing what YOU want to be doing?

It seems pretty simple, but a lot of times someone will ask me what home-based business can I start, and I’ll tell them simply one where the person introducing you to the business is successful, and is willing to give up all of their secrets to you.

Most people think that’s hard, but the truth is that network marketing companies basically pay distributors to pass down their knowledge. Not only that, many network marketing distributors are some of the highest earners in the world.

So, there you go, if you’re asking what home-based business can I start, you now know what to look for and find that answer.

If you want to find a home-based business that actually meets all the criteria laid out above then simply click here now!

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Home Based Business Leads – Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Network Marketing Leads

Do you need home-based business leads?

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The answer is of course you do. Every home business in existence needs them.

But one of the things that holds most people back is knowing how to get these leads. It’s not as easy as most people presenting their opportunity will have you believe.

The Lie About Home Business Leads…

So, here’s the thing. Leads are the lifeblood of your business. You need them, and without them you can kiss your chances of success goodbye. This is especially true in the beginning but nevertheless, knowing how to generate leads for your home business is the greatest thing that you can do right now.

Why is that?  I thought I wasn’t going to have to know marketing!

Well that’s a lie that a lot of people will tell you when they’re trying to recruit you. They’ll tell you that you don’t need to know marketing, you don’t need to sell, and that it’s just as easy as telling your friend about a movie that you liked. They’ll automatically want to do it too. Sound familiar?

This is what happens. A lot of new people who get into a home-based business where they’re distributors for a certain company like Amway, or NuSkin, or Synergy come into the business under those false pretenses. By the time, they realize it’s more difficult than that then they freak out and quit.

How to Get Home Business Leads Over and Over Again

You don’t have to give up though. You don’t have to up and quit. You can simply learn the techniques of getting leads for your business on command.

Now a lot of people will tell you that the only thing that you have to do is hand out business cards, or fliers, or online just stick up a website and/or a blog with your phone number and people will start calling.  Or worse, they tell you to use your companies mirror websites.

None of this is true either. There’s much more to it than that. You do need a website, but you also need:

  • A way to capture prospects information,
  • A lead magnet to get them to give you their information
  • A way to email them automatically,
  • You need a steady stream of visitors to your site (because it’s literally a numbers game),
  • You need a way to close these people

Are you starting to see why people give up? It all sounds like a ton of work just to get home-based business leads. And it can be.

The solution is to set up your system right in the first place. Set it up so that it will be automated. You can do this in about a week or two on your own, or faster with help.

Then you need to get automated traffic from sources such as the search engines, article marketing, pay per click marketing, social marketing, etc.  There are any number of ways. You pick a way to get the traffic to your home-based business leads system and you stick to it, and then you move onto the next.

But the trick is knowing the exact steps to take to get these home-based business leads.

If you’re ready to jump-start your business, create huge success, and have leads flying into your funnel to call each and every week like crazy then click here now.

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Home-Based Business Advice – Advice for Your Home Business from 30 Years of Network Marketing!

Are you looking for genuine home-based business advice that will actually help you succeed faster?

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It’s hard to get, believe me.

But today I want to help you by giving you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my 30 plus years.

Home-Based Business Advice You Can Use…

Running a home-based business certainly isn’t as easy as many will have you think it is. Unfortunately, most people trying to recruit you into their business will tell you just about anything in order to make you join.

What they don’t realize that they’re doing not only you, but themselves a huge disservice by doing that. It brings you into the business under false pretenses, and simply makes their job harder trying to get the person they recruited into the opportunity to actually succeed, much less stay with the business when they learn the truth.

That’s why I like to spell things out right off the bat. I actually give home based business advice before I bring someone into the business, so they know what they’re getting into.

Here is some of what you need to know…

#1 This Is a Real Business, and Must Be Treated As Such… If you’re looking for a new hobby to keep you occupied when you feel like it, then don’t even bother. The best home business advice you could possibly here is that you have to treat this like the real business that it is.

Some people get confused because the entry price of the network marketing business is so low compared to a regular offline business, but the fact is that the income that you can generate is the same, if not greater than a regular offline business.

The fact is that people like me, and my wife Ann Feinstein are professionals who take the business very seriously and get serious reward, so it’s very frustrating when someone joins and we find out that they’re not as serious as we were. Understandable, right?

#2 This is Not Get Rich Quick… To be totally honest, it may not be get rich at all. It depends solely on how serious you take it, and how dedicated you are to running your business, and how well you learn the fundamentals of marketing your business.

Get rich quick exists only in fantasies, the lottery, and casinos. The second two aren’t something that you want to count on, and the first is something you should avoid all together. Take this home-based business advice seriously and get into this for the long hull if at all…

#3 Learn from Experienced Home Business Mentors Who Can Propel You to Success Faster… There’s always a way to do something (like a home business) to get slow results, or FAST results! My guess is that you would rather have FAST results correct?

If so, then a great piece of home-based business advice is to find mentors who can show you what they’ve done to succeed in the network marketing business. The greatest thing that makes this business unique is that companies actually pay people to mentor you, just like they’ll pay you to mentor your organization once it starts growing.

Take advantage of that by finding the RIGHT people who have the experience and more importantly the systems that can have you seeing success.

So, there you have it. 3 hugely important pieces of home-based business advice that you can take to the bank!

Bonus…or #4 Learning how to generate leads for your business will be one of the most useful pieces of home-based business advice.

If you want to see what we’re doing that’s creating Red Hot Leads on demand then click here now!

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Home Based Business Opportunity: Achieving the Right Mindset to Achieve Success!

Here’s a quick exercise that you can do while you sit right there reading this that will not hurt a bit…

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Answer the following questions as quickly as they come to you and realize that no answer is wrong…

1)      When you were younger what did you dream you life would be like as you got older?  Did you plan to be rich or poor, have a nice car or a junky one, live in a large house, a small house, or shack

2)      Have you achieved that life?…

3)      If not, why not?  What’s kept you from that?

4)      Are you looking for a chance to live that life now?  Is that why you’re looking for a

home based business


Okay now I want to you to stop right now with those thoughts…raise your shoulders back up…raise your head up high and imagine what you would feel like had you achieved all that you had hoped for…

How would you feel?

What would you look like?

What thoughts would go through your mind?

Imagine what that car looks like now, or what your huge home looks like…

The sky is the limit here my friend…

Okay, so what the heck was the point of all that?  First off, did you actually do it?  If not go back and do so because I won’t tell you why you had to do it unless you actually do it.

Okay back…good.

The reason you did that was not to make you feel bad about not having achieved your dream life…

It was to get you realize that your dreams are still alive…perhaps in the back of your mind, behind work, bills, and raising children but they’re still there.

The second part was so that you can see that those feelings that come with the dream life that you hoped for are still achievable.  Those feelings are right there at the surface, but more importantly is the fact that the more that you make yourself feel those feelings every single day, the more you’re brain is going to have a target to go after to create the life that you’ve dreamed of.

Now, this isn’t just crazy Law of Attraction stuff (not that that’s crazy) but a way to get your mind moving in the right direction and knowing (for sure) that just because success hasn’t happened yet, that it’s still not too late at all.  In fact, the more you do the second exercise the more your mind will begin to feel like its actually true and the better you’ll feel more of the time.  It’s not a good feeling to feel broke, or like you haven’t achieved your dreams, so why not make yourself feel the opposite – like your dreams are fulfilled.

Okay, now going back to the questions…the second question is vitally important.  The question of WHY you haven’t succeeded yet.  But let’s rephrase that and ask your self instead “HOW CAN”; as in “how can I achieve my dream lifestyle”.  This will get your mind moving in the right direction to solve that problem.  Luckily I’m going to help you solve that right now…

One of the reasons why you probably haven’t gotten the dream life that you have hoped for is because you haven’t had the right vehicle or business opportunity to do so.

By that I mean you haven’t found a

home based business

opportunity that you can latch onto, dedicate yourself to working hard at, and receive top of the line training to succeed.

Right now, there’s a

home based business

opportunity that may be your one great bastion of hope.  On top of that, two of the greatest minds in the home business field are willing to take you by the hand and train you until you reach success.

Go right now to their website and learn more about what I’m talking about, and how Ann and David Feinstein can help you achieve your dreams.