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Home Business Opportunity: Will a Tremendous Opportunity Likely Land in your Lap? Find Out for Sure Now…

Ever wonder why some people in this world are able to find a successful

home business opportunity?

Is it because they’re smarter than you or because they’ve simply gotten lucky on their quest?  Nope!  Not by a long shot.  In fact most people who run a successful and profitable

home business opportunity

aren’t any smarter than you, have no more talent than you, nor do they even know somebody who got them started.

So do you want to know their secret?

home business opportunity

Their secret is that they were wise enough to act when they found a good opportunity, and beyond that they were persistent in finding a legitimate opportunity that had amazing promise to create substantial wealth in their lives.

Just as well, if not most importantly they didn’t buy into the lies of making money from home without working for it.  They were willing to put in hard work and be disciplined enough to learning and using a system that actually had been proven over and over.

Now you’re probably wondering what

home business opportunity

gives the best chance for success that these people have found.  Though admittedly there are a few very good and legitimate business opportunities out there, especially since the Internet has come along – probably the best way that gives you the most chance at success right now is network marketing, otherwise known as MLM.

Why is network marketing the best

home business opportunity?

There are actually a few very simple reasons that often do not get touched upon when people talk about network marketing.  The obvious answer (though maybe not obvious to you) is the fact that you can earn a substantial monthly income starting with very little needed capital.  If you compare that to opening a regular brick and mortar business with tons of overhead costs, where you don’t see a penny in profit for years and years then network marketing is a no-brainer.

However, there is the argument for online type stuff such as affiliate marketing, adsense, or all of the other things that you get daily emails about.  Here’s why network marketing is superior to those types of businesses.  Network marketing can help you produce income from one of the best assets in the world.  It’s called leverage, and the leverage comes from people that you develop into the business.  Now I say develop where most people will say sponsor, or recruit.  Why is that?  Because what you’re doing is developing, through training that you learn from the person who developed you into…are you ready…a successful leader.

Network marketing helps you lead yourself as well as countless and countless others to financial success, which is the fuel for living your dreams.  Of course money isn’t everything but it certainly helps to when you have it, and there’s no better way of getting money than by having fun helping others obtain their dreams and getting paid for it.  There is tons of satisfaction in making money online in your underwear and watching an affiliate bank account grow and grow.  However the amount of money that network marketing can offer is staggeringly greater, as well as the satisfaction of helping tons of people do the same time after time after time.

Right now there is a great chance to learn to be a huge success in network marketing, with a dynamic new company that is helping people experience a new life in health with revolutionary nutrition products.  The company that produces this life changing product– which also has a revolutionary compensation plan (pay plan) that has rocked the network marketing industry because of the way that it’s been designed for the new person starting out in network marketing.

Now here’s where it gets really good.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn an industry from the top of the success ladder rather than the bottom, then you have the chance to work with two of the greatest leaders in the entire industry named Ann and David Feinstein.  If you’ve never heard of them before, believe me that other professionals in network marketing have, and can assure you that their success has left a flood of immolation.

Here’s the deal…

If you’ve been looking for a

home business opportunity

that can make you a successful leader who changes lives then you owe it to yourself to check out Ann and David Feinstein’s site by clicking here and see for yourself that brilliant opportunities can sometimes fall into your lap when you’re least expecting it.

Building Your Home Business Opportunity–The 4 Step Work Flow to Capturing Prospects and Getting them Into Your Downline

Home business opportunityIf you’re actively trying to build a

home business opportunity

in network marketing then you know that it’s important that you continuously get prospects. What’s also vital is that you get those prospects into your downline, and into your business.

But this is where the problem comes in and some people may know how to do one of these two things better than the other, but others may not know how to put the two together in order to build their home business to the level that they truly want it to be.

So I’m just going to show you how the work flow process needs to be.

The first aspect is collecting the prospects/leads into your marketing funnel. Now if you’re having trouble with this or if you’re not getting very good conversion rates, then it’s very likely that you’re not targeting the right people.

If you’ve been anywhere near this industry, then you know that attraction marketing is the Buzz Word that everyone throws around these days.

Simply put, attraction marketing means targeting your message ONLY to the people who are interested in it. You get these people coming to you and instead of having to go out and canvas the virtual neighborhood. This is critical and the guy most responsible for getting this out to the world is the marketing genius Dan Kennedy.

Online, this needs to be done with a system. This system must have tools to move people along each part of the process, and if you’re offering a home business network marketing opportunity, then that process needs to be done pretty precisely to see consistent sign ups into your business.

Here are the 4 Steps for Getting Prospects into Your Network Marketing Business Downline…

Step 1) Creating bait… Basically it’s a lot like fishing, so you have to a) go where the fish are, and b) give them exactly what they want.

Online (even offline really, it’s just presented and delivered differently) that bait is information. But not just information but relevant information that people can use to get closer to the result that they’re looking for. So if you’re trying to attract people who are interested in a

home business opportunity,

a good piece of bait is a report, or audio report, or even video giving them highly useful information on running a home business, or making a home business more successful.

Step 2) Capture Their Information… Before you give them this bait you want to make them jump through a hoop. This hoop is leaving you their information so that you can contact them again. Online this means getting them to leave you at least their name and email address, and more info if possible like a physical address and telephone number.

This makes it possible for you to now contact them over and over again, instead of the one shot deal that most of your competition are limiting their marketing efforts to.

Step 3) Give them Value and Build Credibility… So what you don’t want to do is just keep hitting people over the head with a marketing message day after day. Therefore you have to keep your credibility and keep giving them valuable information. This let’s them know that you’re out to actually help them, and see them succeed.

Of course you’re gently swaying them to realize that you’re the person that they’re going to HAVE to partner with, and learn from, if they’ve got any chance of succeeding with a network marketing business opportunity. But you do this subtly, and let them figure this out themselves, instead of you telling them out right.

This also means you have to be accessible. Someone wanting to start a home business, especially in the network marketing industry, needs to know that you’ll be there to help them when they need that. If you display that before they’ve even joined, then logic will tell them that once they’re on your team, you’ll really be there for them.

Step 4) Sign ‘Em Up! This is the most fun part. The reality is that if you’ve done the first 3 steps correctly, then this part is the easiest part. Basically they’ll almost be begging you to work with them. If they’re not begging then you MUST improve Steps 1 – 3 until they are.

Now of course this is just a blueprint sort of run down on how to get started with the process. If you really want to get some more detailed information on how to be successful with your

home business opportunity

then it’s time to step it up!