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How to write strong emails as a mlm leader

Writing is still one of the most used forms of communication. As a mlm leader in a online business, you may find yourself writing emails, text messages and content a lot. People check their emails multiple times a day. Email marketing is still the best investment for a business mlm leader to own. The biggest benefit is that you own the channel and have a one on one chance to talk to your prospects. Today’s lesson will help your stronger emails.

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The basics of email writing

Good email writing is a practiced art. It is very similar to writing a letter. Except you do not have to pay for postage and use a traditional address. There is a subject line that should always be filled out. A blank subject area tends to get emails sent to the trash. One of the best methods to fill it out is to address the topic in the subject box. Other effective techniques will vary on the content of the email itself. Such topics I could appointments, reminders, promotional offerings, and follow ups. These help the recipient understand what the following email is about.

As we continue onward, always use a greeting to start off your email. Such as dear x, hello y or howdy do are some ways to make your email friendly. If you can always use the receipts name I. Replace it x and y. Come up with your own free to g and tailor it accordingly to the intent of your message. Never open up with a buy now offer or something just as ridiculous. Save your efforts for later on in the email.  One of the biggest flaws in email writing is that many an mlm leader treat it informally. This means choppy sentences, huge unformatted paragraphs. Sometimes spelling and grammar mistakes are overlooked.

Good emails comprise a clean message body, with two or three links and a call for immediate action. Failing to take care of the body work will definitely cause failure. This also includes email marketing and your efforts have to double for this type of marketing. Clean up the copy, fix grammar and spelling errors. Keep the paragraphs formatted and short. This allows your reader to absorb your content without it being bullish. Always use punctuation in your paragraphs. Most people would not drive I. A city without stop signs and other such things. So do not leave out the road signs in your email text. Always proofread your email before sending. Try to keep any technical language to the minimum.

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Are you an Mlm Leader that Stresses out easily?

Running a business is not always pink rainbows and butterflies. It will get dirty, lonely and painful to put it mildly. You may want to quit and find a different career, but only a true Mlm leader will push through the hailstorm of obstacles to find peace and rest. Stress happens, but some of us out there are stressed easier than others. It can burn us out quicker, ruin moods, make us feel absent minded and cause physical aches. It’s not fun, especially if you’re under a heavy workload. But there are ways to deal with stress that won’t send you to a mental asylum or become an addiction.

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A Stressed Out Mlm Leader may suffer from these signs

While some Mlm leaders can stand the furnace easier than others, it doesn’t mean at one point they won’t have a meltdown. Other Mlm leaders tend to fray too easily and may require some additional support. As an Mlm leader be mindful and keep an eye out for varying signs of stress that can occur.


Signs of Stress

  • Lack of energy
  • Decision making difficulties
  • Losing track of objects or events
  • On the edge feeling
  • Change of eating schedule
  • Sleeping more or can’t fall asleep
  • Overly emotional
  • Using drugs or alcohol


While these are signs of stress, symptoms are a different matter that could include physical pains. So be careful and try to relax. Stress affects people in different ways and it will affect performances at home and at the “office.” Relationships can suffer if a person is overly stressed. If it comes down to it, people that is overly stressed may need professional medical guidance in order to help relax.


How to cope with stress the right way as an Mlm leader

Coping with stress is one way to look at it, but for the Mlm leader they need to deal with it and handle it in a different way. Coping only allows for temporary relief. Handling and understanding your stress points can help you find a permanent fixture. If you know what is causing the stress and then you can learn to back off from the trigger. You can use natural tools to help combat stress, from walking to taking a day off. Talking to a close friend can help many people. Whatever you do, balance it with healthy eating and exercise. It’s good for the heart and it’s a natural way to reduce tension.

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How to build weaknesses into Team Strengths

One of the most important traits an mlm leader can have today is having the skill to find and turn weaknesses into functional strengths. In a global economy, teams are comprised of different cultures and languages. Even with English as the most commonly spoken language, many people are still limited in their proficiency. While some countries are leading the way in many areas, they lack the resources and benefits of some western countries. However, a well-groomed mlm leader can work in most situations and with people. It can be a challenge to find strengths and weaknesses in a new team. This is why a leader must adapt their efforts to encourage their teams to overcome obstacles.

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Finding Weaknesses through assessments

One way to find weaknesses is to use assessments to test knowledge and skills. Another way is to hold webinars with your team and talk with them. One on one interviews can help you find out additional information. These tools are not complete, but if you can get a monthly report from each member and review their performance. This can also point out some issues that your members are having. You can find strengths as well and this will help you put together a rough picture of your teammate. It’s not fun having to collect data to help improve others, but in the long run. They can boost their success, if they chose to follow your game plan.

List biggest weaknesses and strengths

Take a sheet for every member that you’ve done an assessment on and write down strengths and weaknesses. Create a separate file for each one, even for ones with couples. Don’t list flaws, you need to look at their strengths. A weakness can be tech related or a skill related. A flaw is like a bad habit. As you work on each profile and carefully define each area. Later on, you can talk to each person and offer mentor ship in a given area.

Final thoughts

Before doing any such program, be honest and list out your expectations. Create a plan of action, and guideline. Talk to your team and send out the plan and guideline and see if they want to participate. Exclude those who opt out. Never, include those who do not want the extra help or be analyzed. Friendships and teammates are more important than data. Allow them to have the option to join later, but do offer incentives and the reason to why you’re doing this. After all its to build a strong team, right.

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Influencing Your Team through Effective Communication

Communication is very important in everything that we do. Clear communication is difficult at best in a global economy. However, an mlm leader strives to provide guidance through dialog and other means. If a team misunderstands their leader, problems happen and production suffers. It may mean crafting a guide on how to share ideas and thoughts in a formal environment. Language barrier is the number one problem in international teams, but in North America, it’s the way how ideas are shared and pronounced that causes problems. Also educational issues stem productive teams from charging ahead.

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Inspirational Mindset and Style

While it’s tough to communicate, a good mindset to have is one that is creative and inspirational. Creative minds tend to find some great solutions to break down barriers. Some solutions will not work in all cases, in situations like these. The problem could articulation. People can freeze up when talking in groups of five or more. However, if you can stay inspired and share it, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Once a mind is inspired, the focus on talking clearly happens, and the mind slows down. No amount of yoga yogurt can achieve this, it’s the “inner leader” that has to step up.


Inspirational thinking and believing is not just about looking at some cat video. It’s a lifestyle, it’s like having faith in something greater than yourself and of this world. It takes a different approach to solving problems. It’s a powerful magnet that can help shatter communication barriers. Sometimes small words are enough to get the point across. It’s a style and mindset that breaks up the dark skies over head. It doesn’t mean your sunny and cheerful, it means that your focused and can help others overcome their issues at the right moment.


Presentation behaviors can clear up issues

The presentation of ideas while someone is communicating can cause problems. Acting tiny will give tiny results, acting like a jerk will cause problems. Find confidence and speak with power, not volume. The power of an mlm leader should be there within, its confident and ego free. The words and how you present your ideas may seem like you’re in a slow motion state, but slowly speaking and placing emphasis on key points is very important. Complicated ideas need broken down and explained clearly. Use visual aids to help explain the content. This is why power points are important. You can use infographics to help break complicated data down into bite sized info nuggets.

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Conflict Overview for New MLM Leaders

Conflict happens for various reasons…

Conflict arises when there is a lack of communication, lack of problem solving skills, disagreement, stubbornness and many other issues. As an mlm leader you will face conflict in its forms and from every angle possible, from home life to closing a deal with a prospect. It’s not easy handling conflict, you don’t have to feel alone. Millions of people hate conflict and avoid it whenever possible. However, as a leader you do not have that luxury. You have to face it, deal with it and move past it. Conflict doesn’t have to be violent, it can take form in small voices or in email form. However, its presented, keep a cool mind and don’t respond in a negative way.

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What to do if your too new at conflict management?

If you’re a brand new mlm leader with the fresh shiny medal and no field experience, then you will have a problem. Good luck, hope you don’t mess it up. Just kidding, its best to talk to your sponsor about the situation before responding to the complaints from the party. They may get annoyed, but it’s OK to tell them to wait for a moment. Remember your sponsor will be offering their opinion, it doesn’t mean it will work in your situation. It should help you create a resolution that satisfies both parties. If it doesn’t satisfy both, but it helps one. You can work with the other person in private to explain the solution and why it’s the best one.


How to handle an ongoing conflict between teammates?

If your team is experiencing a fallout between two members, you will need to step in and intervene. Your job is to keep the network moving forward. You will have to investigate the incidents and decide what the proper solution is. It will be different for everyone, so there are no practical examples to provide. After all you’re an mlm leader now, and you don’t need them anymore. You will have to use personal experience and judgment to correct, discipline the misbehaving teammates. One or both may be right in a certain case, so be careful and show zero favoritism, even if one is your cool spouse. You may need to reschedule them for different webinars for the time being in order for things to cool down. If the incident is worse than a few verbal disagreements, you may need to seek your sponsors advice on to handle it.

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What should Commitment mean to you as an mlm leader?

Define Commitment and Write Down

What is your definition of commitment? Write it down and post it where you can see it every day. Whatever it is, it has to have meaning and motivate you as an mlm leader. At any stage as a leader, you should be able to look at the value of your commitment and see if you agree with it. This post will not go into examples, but you must master the value of developing yourself to a higher potential. People will be counting on you as times change and life challenges you. Now is the time to make the ultimate devotion to becoming a leader.  You may never be a Randy Gage or a Brian Griffin, but you do have special traits that make you special.

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If you chose to not to define your commitment, that is up to you. You may wander around in your career wondering, why no one trusts you or wants your help. Your transparency is part of the commitment and this post is no longer for you. Hopefully, you’re a smart one and take the advice and define the commitment and stick with it. Down the road you may need to change it, and that’s fine. Right now it’s getting down in words that mean more for you than it does for someone else. It should push you to consider your values and what you value the most. If you have done this step, now move on to teaching others the value of commitment.

Teach Others the Value of Commitment

Commitment has its own value. You are allowing others an opportunity to explore the possibility of being an mlm leader.  When you know your commitment and the value, it will be easier to teach others. By educating your team, they can shuffle themselves onto the same page and become one with you. This creates a door for ongoing communication that is important in your ventures. A team that is not communicative is one trapped in a disruptive flow. This disruptive flow can hurt the business whenever it can. So this means you need to make sure that you teach commitment and the value of it to the extreme. It sounds rough, but you don’t want to lose opportunities over mistakes that could have been avoided. It’s easy to lose control of communication than to build up the trust of a prospect. But you will find a way to achieve the end result. After all you’re a leader.

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