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Give away your best mlm success stories

Give away your best mlm success stories during special days throughout the year. Sounds crazy but if packaged right and promoted to deal with pain points. You could see a boost in business. You can bundle them or change formats of any of them. The best way is to find a mixture of formats and use them in your marketing plan during holidays or other special events. Why should you give them away? Holidays are often cash restrictive. This prevents prospect from spending money on things that may not have a high priority.

mlm success stories

Mlm success stories can break down walls


If your finding a lot of resistance in your day to day operations. You could offer something special to help gain business, especially if it’s around mlm success stories or events. The stories can make a difference between success and failure. There is a set up to the whole idea. It must have a good promotional length and should be easy to access and the material should be complete. These three areas are important to the execution of your promotional campaign.


The individual mlm success stories can include a variety of themes. You may want to run a single theme if you chose. Single themed stories are aimed at specific areas of a pain point in the person’s life. They can be done in most formats that include videos and eBooks. You can design a themed campaign for them that is separate from a multi themed set. Even though these sets can reach a broader audience that is looking for a generalized picture.


Plan and measure for success for mlm success stories


Plan your mlm success stories campaign carefully. The stories are the end product and are given away for free. This doesn’t mean you can’t link them to an email list. You may be able to link them to a social media follow and like. If you use WordPress, keep an eye out for new tools that can help. The end goal is to drive success in all areas. You could and should like premium content from your freebie in order to create a strong path for the visitors to follow.

Always check your analytics for information regarding to the success and of your campaign. Measure the visits to the bounces and take a snapshot before launching the campaign. This can help you adjust and realign your efforts. Check it at least once a week and take a snapshot often as well. Especially if you are running a quarterly campaign.

MLM success stories

MLM success stories- Teaching from your experience

What can you teach your network through your

mlm success stories?

Teaching can be an enlightening experience for you. It will help reinforce core concepts and positive thinking. The lessons that you can share can be quite useful for your team. Especially if your team is relatively young to the business and having the additional help will be beneficial to them. They can learn the steps and interject their own ideas into the lessons. You don’t necessarily have to teach them directly but by posting your stories on your website can be quite useful.
mlm success stories

mlm success stories

may not be as glamorous as others but may still have important points. Your team will judge on what is useful and mine the data from the story. How you present the story is important? If you do a half backed job on posting it on your site, don’t expect super hero efforts! Your time is valuable, yes but so is your team and those who read your content. Don’t juke them out of good information by presenting it in a bad way. Make sure that you format it in a clear manner, using proper grammar and structure.


mlm success stories

have weight and can make a difference in someone’s life. The lessons from the stories are often surrounded by mistakes and it is a good idea to mention your errors. These points can help others avoid the same misstep. Looking bad can help, if you don’t try to provide the right kind of information that your team may need. So, it’s either the whole story or none at all! The success story and experience is a powerful tool! Some folks have a few downlines and can position their stories in the right light.

Let’s talk about positioning your

mlm success stories

for a moment. You can use the available media formats to get your story out there to the world. You can use video, PowerPoint, Text and other means to get your story across to the right audience. What is the most effective media format for you to use? For some folks it is creating a short video and you can tell your story to the camera and post it on a variety of sites. You can link the video to your site from the host. Some folks can write better and a blog or article post about the story may be the best medium for them to use.