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Mlm Marketing on the Fast Track for Success

Gearing Up for Business

This is the time for most


businesses to gear up for the upcoming New Year. The holiday season can either make or break a business. While the most aggressive marketers will keep pushing for sales throughout December, it may be more important to slow things down for next year. Use this month to analyze sales data, recruiting efforts and other administrative tasks. Once you complete your yearly audit, you should be able to gear up easily for January. The data should be organized according to how it integrates for your marketing strategy. Sometimes it may be necessary to go through each month to find any problems with your current strategy.

MLM marketing

Once you find the problem, you can shift through your campaigns during the month to see the exact cause or close to it. For many


businesses, one of the largest issues is a low conversion rate. Prospects tend to opt out of newsletters and other campaigns faster than we can change Presidents. Figuring out what exactly is the interest of your prospects can help you decrease your opt outs. Creating content on specific interests that still has relations for your business takes finesses. Many marketers have geared their businesses towards multiple niches to help reduce conversion loss. Once everything is said and done, you can create your new campaign in an effective manner.

Mlm marketing campaign trail
Once you have designed a campaign, you should take a moment to double check it for problems. The


trails are often long and laborious, so to cut down on the extraneous labor. You should proof read the content, double-check the links and make sure your forms and landing pages are aligned with your campaign. Do you have enough content for the campaign? For some email campaigns, you may need a series to send out over a period of a week or month, depending on how you constructed your email marketing. Social media will require short links and creative wording to grab attention of your beloved networks.



aspects will eat at your time. Organize your campaigns in an efficient manner, so you do not cross containment the next one. It sounds like a pain but in the end, your gratefulness is enough. Organizing your content accordingly will help you develop a stronger ability to troubleshoot your marketing efforts. The campaign trail length depends on your objectives. Do not be shy to ask for the sale or sign up. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have tips of the trade or questions? Submit your thoughts and be heard.

MLM Success- Expanding into the Videos

Now that you have moved along in your marketing efforts, videos are a big to do for serious business owners. Getting on YouTube and Vimeo are not options anymore; consider them seriously. Videos will help you express ideas, emotions and theories that is more difficult to do by writing. Your

mlm success

may depend on how well you create and establish your videos online. The video marketing aspect is a serious venture that could pay out big time. However, it depends on the script, video quality and the environment for the shoot.
MLM success
There are different ways to achieve video mlm success. The videos that you decide to use can either compliment your current marketing campaign or be a spin off. The different types of videos include promotional, marketing, personal message, business promo and much more. You can use animated content for a video make up or a live spokesperson to do the shoot. The only restraints are the time and budget for a video. You can do it yourself or hire out to a specialty firm to do the videos.

Mlm success

is key to opening up new venues and markets for your business growth. Videos are tools to help your prospects understand your business on a different level. The most important element for videos is the script. The script covers the outline for the video shoot and dialog that you will be speaking. A good script will enable you to get your message, emotions and tone of voice out there in a relaxed and professional manner. If you decide to run and shoot from your computer without a script, you are asking for trouble. This will harm your reputation and set you back in the Stone Age.

A proper level for video success includes the initial shoot, editing, music layout and final formatting of the video. There may be a time, where you may have to reshoot the whole video. Before you do the initial video, make sure you edit and polish your script before filming. Keep your topic simple and on target for your audience. Use only one topic per video and your audience will stay focused. Your

mlm success

should increase with a high quality video. YouTube or Vimeo will host your videos free. You can build up your brand and marketing effectively with digital content.

MLM Leaders – Two Great Prospects When it Comes to Finding True Leaders for Your MLM Business

It’s no secret that the


industry is one where those who can lead usually become the cream of the crop.
Therefore it’s in your best interest to find people who will likely become great leaders in your organization right?

While most people these days are looking for the heavy hitters who are in the industry already, other keen distributors seek out those that may not have huge downlines to swing over into their organization (that will likely just swing away later anyway when the next “hot” or “rising” company comes along), but have potential to become great leaders that people will likely follow into the industry.



Leaders Is As Simple As Finding Leaders In Life With an Entrepreneurial Spirit…

There are leaders all around us in life… people who lead men and women toward a common goal…and get them there.

These are the people that you want to be within your organization on each and every level possible. They will be the ones that you will be proud to rise through the ranks, achieving what they set out to achieve, while helping those under them achieve their dreams as well…and become leaders themselves. It’s quite amazing when this happens.

It also has a profound affect on your residual income. That’s your reward for seeking out the best leaders to put into your downline, so this is where you want to focus your efforts.

But while having leaders in your organization is essential, there are some who are better than others. Why? Because while some people are great leaders and can lead men and women to do tremendous things – like military leaders for instance – some of these people aren’t necessarily cut out for having their own business and entrepreneurship.

You must find those people who have an entrepreneurial spirit who can also lead. These will be the people who “get” what you’re trying to do with a home business.

A person with an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills is a true gem to have in your organization, and though they’re not everywhere you look, they’re easier to find than you might think…without having to go and try to poach the heavy hitters from other downlines.

While there are tons of these types out there I’m going to just showcase two of the types here so that a) You can get started finding them right away and b) You can start brainstorming others with similar qualities.

First – Realtors and Real Estate Brokers… Okay, so this is a 2-for-1 type of prospect. However I’ll explain why I added both in just one minute.

First the big reason that I chose realtors (both agents and brokers) is very simple. These are people who are used to hustling to earn their pay. These are professionals who earn a commission only, and only when they make a sale.

So they’re used to that sort of feast or famine mindset, and many times they’re true go-getters who live and breathe marketing themselves. They are astute at knowing how to brand themselves and helping prospects find the benefits of working with THEM. That’s half the battle in network marketing.

Also nearly every real estate agent has the dream of becoming a broker. They work hard to hit that next plateau, and the reason is because they want agents working under them so that they can earn a passive income off of the efforts of those other agents. So they understand leverage, and they strive daily to attain it.

On the other hand, the brokers already know about this passive income. He understands the power of leverage first hand, though in a different way. He’s missing out on the residual income.

When it comes to leadership, real estate brokers of course understand how to lead a team. They depend on their real estate sales team for their income, and so understand how to motivate and coach them to success in the real estate market, and will therefore understand how to do the same with a downline.

Real estate agents are leaders within their own realm. They lead buyers and sellers to make decisions. Their leadership skills among others will be easy to mold and in the MLM industry they’ll be great leaders to a downline.

Second – Personal Fitness Trainers… This one may seem odd to you but there are plenty good reasons why these people would be great prospects as leaders in your business.

First of all, like the realtor, they’re used to hustling for their clients, and their income. They also understand the importance of building a network and word of mouth advertising.

But it goes beyond just those things.

Personal fitness instructors are great leaders. They lead people to do things with their own bodies that most people don’t really want to do. They influence and motivate people to get up early, or work out after a hard day’s work. They know how to get people to bust their butts for the things that they want. They understand how to hit the hot buttons that will get people moving and taking action, and that’s very rare. Most people work their whole lives to attain that level of influence, and personal fitness trainers have it by trade.

That’s not to mention that they take excellent care of themselves, which means that their brain is working at optimal rates.

They’re also used to working hard toward goals, and helping others achieve their goal which is what network marketing is really all about.

So there you go. If you’ve ever wondered who would be a great


leader for your organization, you now have two prospects to go after. You’ve also got a ton of criteria to look for in prospects which will carry you extremely far in your quest for success.

Your MLM/Network Marketing Training Steps to Success –

Yes my friends, There is a PATH to Success in


We call it;

“The 5 Building Blocks of




There are 7 days in a week, 12 months to a year, and 60 seconds in a minute. This is all part of our life culture. MLM has a similar pattern of structure.

There are 5 basic Building Blocks that drive the business of


and each one has its own importance and you must become very familiar with the building blocks. They will bring great success to you and your business, or great frustration… that all depends on YOU.

The Building Blocks of


have a Power to them that you can either make work FOR you….or AGAINST you….it is totally your decision.

Most people in MLM bring a certain pattern of thinking and living to their business, and these building blocks fit nicely in their pattern of life. And each building block has its own purpose, and success.

Each is part of the whole, but if worked in unison, then these building blocks creates a “flow” of work and success in your business that will simply amaze you…and others.

So…what are they?

1) Prospecting…
2) Contacting…
3) Presentations…
4) Next Move…
5) Decisions…

Working the 5 Building Blocks  in Network Marketing

1) Prospecting

Simply put, if you don’t have people to talk to about your products and business, you are unemployed in this industry. You must have people to share your product stories and successes with, so they can become a team member or customer.

Prospecting all starts with someone to talk to and to share your message with.

2) Contacting

If you know people, and have a list of potential prospects but you never call them, then you have a “wish list”, and success will only be a wish on your part. You MUST engage them in conversation and use that as a vehicle to share your message with them. You have made a list of prospects, but now you must have a point of contact with them, and that usually begins with a brief conversation and use of a tool.  Remember this: “Become the Messenger…not the Message!”


3) Presentation

You now must move from the contacting phase and into the presentation (education) phase. This is where you educate them on the company, products, and the business, and do it in a manner that excites them and grabs their attention.

You must use the presentation as a way to establish a connection with the prospect to the business or products. Get their questions answered, and here is a secret:

**Don’t make the presentation a dissertation. It is NOT to dump everything you know in a single sitting. It is simply to create a level of knowledge and excitement with the prospect so you can move them forward in the process.

4) The Next Move

This is where you decide what the next move will be, and where you go from there. Do they want to try the products? Are they ready to join you as a team member? Do they want to attend a meeting? Do they want to have a 3 way with your upline?

5) Decision

Here is where you complete your paycheck.

The MLM Reality of Success… No decision…no paycheck.

You MUST get a decision, no matter what it is, and learn effective ways to persuade softly.

This whole process is simple, but so important..first you get someone to talk to, then you contact them, if they have an interest then you educate them, and then see where they interest lies (products or business), and those that do have a solid interest, move to more education, and finally get the decision that is right for them…simple, and extremely effective.!

Oh, and don’t ever lose sight of the ever so important Application Form for them to fill out and join your team…put pen to paper and help them get started down the right path the right way.  Remember…you are offering them a GIFT of a lifetime!

Follow the 5 steps, or building blocks, and you will learn how to turn it into a “Yellow Brick Road”….of gold.


Success in MLM – The Importance of Consistency When it Come to Succeeding In Network Marketing

MLM Have you felt a little like success in


has been eluding you?

Are you spinning your wheels but feel like you’re just not getting to that point that you hoped you’d be at by now?

If so then you’re certainly not alone. There are unfortunately way too many people like that in this industry. However, most of those people aren’t on our team, and I believe there’s a reason for that.

One of the Main Factors for Success in


That Nearly Everyone Ignores

So here’s what usually happens in network marketing, or with any home business for that matter.

Someone will get all excited, join up with an


company, work hard for a week, and then they forget all about the fact that they’ve just started a business. Hmmm. What’s wrong with that picture?

Well don’t worry because about two weeks after that, they get a hint of inspiration again, start working a little bit more, and then again when things start getting a little tough they’re done.

Well imagine for a minute if the guy who owns the McDonalds in your town did that. He buys the franchise, gets all excited, tries to sell some cheeseburgers and fries, and then suddenly gives up a week later. He closes the doors for two weeks, and then opens up again. I’ll tell you what happens to that guy. He goes broke, loses his business, his huge investment, and all his credit.

But what happens when someone who spent say $35 bucks on kit, or even lets say $1200 for an executive kit. What happens when they do that? Well they may feel a tinge of guilt for their $35, or a little more guilt if it’s $1200, but they go on with life. But instead of closing up shop, they continue the pattern for a few months…working on and off, a little bit here and there. Then they wonder WHY they’re not rich, and decide that MLM doesn’t work and that it’s a big scam.

What they’ve really done is scammed themselves. They scammed themselves into thinking that MLM was simple and easy, and that they could get rich by doing nothing.

Nothing is further from the truth. Success in


is almost always reliant overwhelmingly by one thing. That thing is CONSISTENCY!

Just like the guy at McDonald’s would never dream of going into that business halfheartedly, nor should you even dare dream of doing that with you MLM business.

You MUST work on your business every single day if you want any hope of having success (especially in the beginning.) Sure once you’ve taken the time to build your business then you can figure out ways to enjoy the fruit of your labor, but NO WAY that anyone can do that in the beginning.

Consistency means setting a daily schedule, even if just for an hour per day, and working that schedule no matter what!

Once you begin that process, you’ll begin to see things start to change, and you’ll see success in


appearing in the horizon!

Now as I mentioned before, there’s a reason why my team tends to see a lot of success in



The fact is that we give them systems to use. We keep them consistently working a set plan that’s proven to work over and over again. If you’re upline sponsors aren’t doing this for you then they’re leaving you to fly blind.

Do what you say you’re going to do in your MLM business!

MLM business“I meant what I said and I said what I meant” by Dr. Seuss.

MLM business

success or failure is based on what you say and do. It is important to offer straight forward morals and a code of ethics for prospects to read. They want to know they can trust you and the products that you sell focus on them not the profit margin. Offer them something about you, the sales will come later. Take a moment to define your purpose of YOUR business, are you intending to become a super star or have a modest income with tons of respect. What you do now, will define you to the world?

Do what you say you’re going to do in your

MLM business!

Stand by your words and actions, make good on your promises and deliver on your orders. There are times, when you must own the issue and not make any excuses for the lack of action. A great example is when someone’s order is late or wrong, take ownership and tell them the truth. It may or may not be your fault but prospects and members will be grateful for your ownership of the problem. You may end up with further business or may not, it will depend on them but they will speak favorably of your services and leadership skills.

What is a leader? A leader is a person in charge of things when life crashes around them and makes decisions that are effective for the good of the company. A leader defines themselves by stepping up to the buffet and taking a small portion of success and allowing the rest of the folks to enjoy the meal. Your leadership skills in the

MLM business

will be noticed by your upline and mentor; hopefully you display the proper qualities that they are seeking. You can take courses on leadership in college and business courses that will help you in the real world. The education is a wise investment that should not be ignored, it will open doors and most of the courses offered can be of vital assistance or add worth to your business network.


MLM business

that you operate can go in many different directions but you want it to be prosperous. How do you keep it on the path to greatness? Then you will need to know time management and have good people skills to start off, then accounting, technology skills, business admin skills, human resources management skills and a few others in order to expand your base but these skills can be learned at a good price and are invaluable throughout life. You are the master and commander of your MLM business, set sail on the calm ocean and learn the helm before launching across the whole seaboard.

Time is on your side, every mistake is a lesson that you can learn from. Apply these lessons to the course and move onwards. Steady your hands and mind against the storm and you will prevail. The

MLM business

is a challenge and you can master it, given it enough time and muster. Take courage that even the most successful directors have started out at your level.

Email Marketing for MLM – Increasing Your Open Rates

Many people who are doing email marketing for


are doing it all wrong.
Are you one of those people? Are you disappointed by the number of people who actually open your emails?
If so then this may be one of the most important articles you’ve ever read…
A Huge Email Marketing for


Tip to Get More Emails Open

So when you send out an email to your list of prospects, or even to your downline as a group, the main and most important task is to get the email opened. It’s obviously critical for the email to be opened if it’s going to get anything else done.
If you’ve got a link in your email that you want someone to click on, then the only way they’re going to see that link is by opening the darn email. So now we’ve established that…getting the email open is vital. But how do you do it?
Here are 3 Tips to Getting Your Email Opened and Grow Your Downline as a Consequence
Tip #1: Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, But It Saved the Email Marketer… One of your best friends when it comes to email marketing for


or email marketing in general is that profound emotion of curiosity.
Humans by nature simply do NOT like loose ends. They don’t like to not know what came next, or not know what someone is alluding to. You can use that to your advantage but only as long as you deliver on it.
For instance there was a period where internet marketers realize that the subject line “Bad news” got a lot of open rates. That’s all well and good, but a lot of marketers would use that, but once you opened the email it was obvious that it was a ploy.
Don’t do that. Once you do that to your list you lose all credibility. Deliver on the curiosity tease, and do it quickly, and your emails will continue to get opened over and over again.
Tip #2: Tell Them Why to Open with a Huge Benefit In the world of copywriting, headlines are crucial just like your subject line in emails. Copywriters have long been establishing the fact that you should lead with a huge benefit to increase conversion rates on sales pages. Why then would it not work for an email subject line?
The fact is that it does work. So let’s say that you send an email to your list of MLM prospects that says “Get your


business started and making money in 48 hrs”. That would be a huge benefit for the prospect. Obviously they were interested in making money or in MLM to be on your list in the fist place, so why wouldn’t they be interested to see how to make it work within 48hrs. Heck even experienced MLM’ers would be interested in that.
Tip #3: Talk to Your List Like You Do Your Friends The inbox isn’t where you want to sound like a sales page, especially in the subject line. So instead of saying things like “Learn the Secrets of Closing Prospects Fast and Easy” that you would never say to a friend or family member…say “Hey check this out for closing prospects…learned from Bob”.
That second one will feel like an email is supposed to feel, like it’s from someone that they know and feel comfortable around. The first will get them clicking away ASAP, the second will get them clicking to open ASAP.
So there you go, start using these tips for your own email marketing for MLM and watch your income soar.
[Resource Box]
But what if you still don’t really get this whole email marketing for MLM?
If your upline sponsor has left you high and dry when it comes to info on email marketing, they’re leaving you clueless on one of the most important aspects of your business in this day and age.
If you want to learn how you can get training from true professional network marketers who’ve built a 50,000 plus worldwide organization, and are willing to spill their guts about everything they do then click here now!

Network Marketing Training – One Quick Way to See Fast Traffic and Get Looked at As an Expert Online

One of the reasons that you’re looking for network marketing training, is probably so that you can start growing your business online as well as off.

These days you’re lucky, and it’s easier than ever to reach people all over the globe.
Network Marketing Training

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get some taste of success in the online world is through article marketing. Your network marketing training should, and now does, contain some aspect of article marketing in order to start seeing rapid success that you can grasp on to and use to propel you forward.

Network Marketing Training You Can Use Right Now

Article marketing is fast and effective, and that’s why it’s a great first move to get people to your site, or blog, or anywhere that you can begin collecting leads for your network marketing business.

Many network marketers don’t put emphasis on article marketing in their network marketing training, or else they don’t do it right, and that’s a shame.

Articles can send both a quick rush of traffic to your websites, as well as create long lasting hands free traffic. This is because article directories can get you direct traffic, both from the articles themselves, as well as getting the articles indexed in the search engines.

Plus they will help build backlinks to your site, which begins to make the different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo see your site as important and overtime rank incredibly well.

And if you get anything out of this network marketing training you should realize that content is king online. People go online for either entertainment or for information (and often both) and therefore having content means that you have a chance of getting found.

Having an article online makes the reader see you as an authority and an expert in your field. That’s because people are still of the mentality, and will be for a very long time, that when someone is a published author or author of an article, then they know what they’re talking about. Most people don’t even realize that anyone can write an article on a subject. They just assume that the people writing the articles are experts as they’ve learned and been conditioned to do their whole lives.

See what I mean, not many network marketing training resources will explain it like that.

Network Marketing Training – How to Get Your Article Read

Ok first of all, this network marketing training would be incomplete without teaching you how to get people to your article.

You’re probably wondering what to do with your article after it’s written in the first place.

Ok, there are tons and tons of places that you can post an article that you’ve written online. There are article directories like articledashboard.com and GoArticles.com that are looking for articles all day long. And the great thing is that once you publish your article at these sites, then other webmasters may come along and post that same article to their websites, with your author information intact, so that your article gets distributed without you having to list a finger.

In this network marketing training I want to give you another way to post your articles, perhaps one of the best ways. Here it goes…


It’s your article, why not put it on your own blog. The great news is that you CAN post the same article both on your blog as well as in an article directory. Or you can go the extra step and just change the article around a bit, and then post to both places.

One tip is to make sure that you post it on your own site first, wait about 5 or 10 days, and then post it to the article directories. This is so that your site gets precedence for that content in Google’s eyes.

One Last Bit of Network Marketing Training…How Your Articles Create Traffic Back to Your Website

When you write an article, then at the end of the article you’re going to be able to offer what’s called a resource box, or an author area. Within that area is where you will link back to your own site.

Therefore this area must be enticing and MAKE the reader almost HAVE TO click on your link. You’ll want to use both an anchor text link (just look it up in Google if you don’t know what it is) and a call to action link (actually say “Click Here”) within your resource box.

Spell out the benefits that the reader will enjoy when they do click the link and get to your site.

Hopefully this network marketing training has helped, and if you want more from two network marketing pros who have been in this business for over 24 years and helped thousands succeed in the business…then click here now

Multi Level Marketing Success – How to Get a Grip on Your MLM Business If Your Still Working a Regular Job!

If you’re looking to experience multi level marketing success, but you’ve still got a day job, then you might be finding it a little bit challenging.

Working a job and starting a home business is definitely something that can take a lot out of you, but it certainly CAN be done.
Multi Level Marketing Success

In fact there have been tons of people in our downline who have found multi level marketing success while still working a day job.

Multi Level Marketing Success. Possible With a Job?

First let’s get one thing (mistake) out of the way that you might be thinking about doing in order to see multi level marketing success faster. A lot of people wonder if they should just quit their day jobs so that they can focus on their MLM business only.

Depending on the people you may have spoken to who were trying to recruit you… or your sponsor if you’ve already joined a multi level marketing business… you may be under the impression that success is going to be coming in right away.

That’s likely not true. Like success in any business, multi level marketing success takes a lot of work, and there’s a learning curve. It will take time for the snowball affect to take place in other words.

You definitely want to keep the day job so that you can pay your bills. Plus keeping your day job will help you fund your marketing easier, which can lead to faster multi level marketing success.

How to Balance Your Time and See Multi Level Marketing Success When Employed

The problem is usually more of a time management problem than anything. Let’s face it, life gets in the way for even a normal working person.

Kids have to go here and there. You need a social life of some sort. You have hobbies that you want to partake in. Maybe you’re on a bowling league. Or maybe your boss likes to just keep you there for overtime every chance he/she gets.

Either way, you have to prioritize your time. If you truly want to see multi level marketing success, then you may have to give some things up. In other words, you may have to actually create time rather than find the time.

In our experience of showing our downlines how to achieve massive success in multi level marketing over the past 24 years, we’ve found that people aren’t always as pressed for time as they think they are. Many times it’s that they’re not willing to give up things like watching TV, give up some sleep, or video games, etc. The stuff that they could easily give up, but simply don’t want to.

Well in that case, you simply have to want multi level marketing success even MORE!

It may mean that you stay up an extra hour each night, or wake up an hour early. It may mean that your game console gets to cool down except for weekends. It may mean that the umpteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy will either need to be missed, Tivo’d, DVR’d, or caught on a site like hulu.com. In other words, you have to MAKE TIME, and more importantly…

Be Consistent for Multi Level Marketing Success…

Consistency is the key. So you can’t just make time 1 day a week. You’ll never become successful that way. You have to make an hour EACH day (at least) and truly work that 1 hour a day on your business. It means that you must do it like clockwork each and everyday, and you must have goals and a schedule set so that you complete the work that needs to be completed each and every one of those days.

That’s how you end up replacing your income in time that’s much faster than you probably think, and go on to have a walk away passive residual income, seeing global multi level marketing success just as we have.

MLM FAQ’S – 3 MLM FAQ’s that Will Help You Make Your Decision!

Are you thinking about joining an MLM opportunity, but want to find out some MLM FAQ’s before you decide?

That’s good that you’re doing your homework and getting to the bottom of things. This way you can be sure of your decision without a doubt.

Now there are a ton of questions about MLM that people have, so I’ve compiled this list of the top 3 MLM FAQ’s so that you have them right here at your disposal in one spot.


MLM FAQ #1: Is MLM Legal? – This of course is a question that frustrates a lot of people in MLM. Not us though, we understand your concern…and would rather someone ask outright than join blindly. That’s what’s good about these MLM FAQ’s.

The answer is a resounding YES!!! MLM is perfectly legal. It’s a legitimate business model. In fact many of the biggest companies in the world are of the MLM business model, including but not limited to Avon, Tupperware, Amway, Mary Kay, and Herbalife!!

MLM FAQ #2: But Isn’t MLM Just a Pyramid Scheme? – This is a big misunderstanding when it comes to MLM.

Here’s the thing…there have always been money games and schemes, one of the biggest known as a Ponzi scheme made recently even more famous by good ole’ Bernie Madoff.

But MLM, or multi level marketing, is a genuine business model built simply on the principal of word of mouth marketing. One person introduces another to products as well as the chance to make money selling the products, and receives a commission on that persons efforts in selling…which makes perfect sense considering that the introducing party usually trains the other on how to run their business successfully.

It’s really no different than a sales manager getting a commission off all of the sales in his department at any company.

The key is that a pyramid scheme is not a business, but just that…a scheme…which involves no products. MLM is a legitimate business where products are sold, and commissions are made.

MLM FAQ #3: Do I Have to Sell in MLM? – Here’s something that you should realize right here and now, and it will save you a ton of time. That’s what these MLM FAQ’s are for by the way…to save you from wasting your precious time.

If you’re reading this it means that you’re very likely looking for a way to earn extra income…and probably from home.

The fact is that if you’re going to earn money, then money needs to be made. The only way that money is ever made is through selling. You’re either selling a product or a service. That’s the way the world works. So yes, eventually you will have to learn to sell in any endeavor in life. The great part about MLM is that it’s built on tremendous training and mentoring, so if there was ever superior ground for learning to sell (which is a skill that will feed a man for life) MLM is it.

I hope these 3 MLM FAQ’s have given you a bit of a better understanding to what MLM is really about.

I also want to congratulate you on taking the time to do your homework, and go after this with integrity. Many people join things blindly, but by reading these MLM FAQ’s you’ve set yourself apart from the crowd.