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How to Move from a Network Marketing Novice to a Network Marketing Pro Before Next Weekend

Many people want to rock the network marketing world and many burns out because they don’t have the stamina to stick with it. You can become a network marketing pro with experience and education. The first path is hard, especially without the education. There is a path that can provide you the education that will eventually turn into experience. This experience is what turns novices into masters over time. You can master your skills in seven days if you have the drive, focus, and attitude to do so.

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7 Days to Becoming a Network Marketing Pro

Yes, it is possible to go from newbie to a hard charging network marketing pro. However, the best way is to gain the stripes from experience. So, the easiest way to get the experience is to acquire the education and apply it in the field. So, if you’re a bit cash-strapped and hungry, you can still come out with the knowledge of a pro. The first step is Hubspot Academy for inbound marketing, email marketing, sales and content marketing for your background. They don’t charge a penny for training, unlike some sites where one course will cost you a few hundred dollars. Not worth it, not since when Hubspot has been rocking the content world for a long time.

If you’re serious about wanting to become a network marketing pro in 7 days, you can do it. Take the courses and pass the examination. If you fail an exam, you do have to wait for 30 days and that alone will blow your 7-day plan. So, watch the videos and take notes and download the study guide. You can complete one course in a day if your focused and driven.  As your driving your way through the courses, you must change your mind to a can do and acquire the taste for arduous work. Positive thinking will carry you through the hardest moments, but it won’t do any good if you’re not actively seeking to change yourself to become a life learner. These three traits have made people successful, but the last trait one must acquire and it is money management.

Network Marketing Pro: Life Tips for your Journey

As you start out your journey and finish your basic education for a network marketing pro. You should take your knowledge and apply it to your business as soon as possible. The sooner you make mistakes and fail, the sooner you can achieve success from your efforts. The biggest tip is that you must continue your education. Technology and techniques will change and you cannot ignore new methods. Some will work and others will fail. Be wise with your income, invest it wisely and it could grow.

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Why is Being “Fake” in Network Marketing Dangerous?

Fake people may be successful but eventually, they will fail. Honesty and transparency are important in network marketing. People resonate better with people that are natural than than those who fake enthusiasm and other droning emotions. It’s not part of the sales process anymore. Staying natural and keeping in your organic rhythm will win prospects every time.

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Network Marketing Businesses Fail for this one reason

Have you seen something that was so fake that you walked away from it? It could’ve been a commercial, a stranger or something around those lines. Was it irritating to know that the idea was hyped up with fake emotions and pompous noise? If you have not seen anything like this, you are a lucky one. There is one area that can cause you to fail in network marketing and it’s being 100% fake to your audience.

Your audience knows genuine feelings and attitude, you cannot fool them all. Faking anything leads a business to destruction, its ok to be green in an industry. Honesty and transparency go a long way over fake emotions, content and messaging that means nothing. You cannot simply copy and paste material from others as your own. If you’re not a naturally aromatic person, don’t pretend to be with the high wheezy sounds, be natural. There are some people that overact for the camera and that will only hurt their bottom line.

Be Authentic in Your Network Marketing Business

You don’t have to sound like a hummingbird to attract viewers for your videos. You do have to be authentic in your messaging, skills, content and emotions. If you are shy, it’s ok and it can work for your business. People will recognize courage when they see it. It may work extremely well for your marketing. It’s not easy going on camera and being “real” with an audience. Unless you’re working for CNN or some other major news outlet. Editing software was invented for videos. You can edit out the nervousness or reshoot the whole element.

Running a network marketing business is not much different than running any other business, except you’re the sole cowboy or cowgirl behind the reins. While the website and other material you create are used for marketing, everything points back at you. This is where you can either chose to be fake or real in your dealings. Please subscribe for upcoming updates and news. Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome.

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You can have a great looking

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website but it does take time and communication efforts. It is best to use a website designer to make your vision come to life. The site builder software is great for those who do have experience in web design. It is not recommended for those who are new to web design. There are site-building tools that suck. Then there are those who are decent but for a true masterpiece, a web designer is the safest bet for creating a website that does not blow.
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websites are built for various purposes. You have to develop the purpose before the design can take shape. Are you looking to move the opportunity or sales, perhaps other type of purpose? A good color scheme is important after you pick out the theme or purpose of the site. You can do some color meaning research labor on the internet. Each color has a particular meaning and combining it with other colors can make a difference. Before we continue onward, a website look and appeal will take a lot of work.


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efforts in making a great looking website should not be in vain. Once you the purpose, color scheme, there are a few pages that are required and are designed to match your needs. The homepage is the most looked at page on your website. The next pages you should consider is the blog and landing pages. These three pages are the most important; you can have about me page and other pages for other topics. Designing these pages should be left to an expert. The landing page is one of the most crucial pages and over 96% of DIYer’s tend to mess up the landing page design and flow.

It is a cruel fact that a bad landing page will cost you visitors and other conversions. Unless you are a super expert on landing page design. It is not recommended to do it yourself! Your

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landing page is not just text and graphics but a strong call to action. The landing page is about converting visitors to prospects and any professional marketer knows it takes time to create. Here is the tricky part, knowing when to replace the landing page with a new layout. You have to measure your performance and marketing efforts to know when to change the design and content on this page.